Cookie Policy

Cookies is an automatic data collection web technological tool which we used to offer best customise experience to our users. A cookie is a simple and small web text file that is stored provisionally or constantly into your hard drive to allow our website to monitor the behaviour and visiting pattern of the user and used this information to target related content, articles and web advertisement for the user to click. Our web cookies also collect other related information i.e. IP addresses, devise operating system, date, time and duration of each visit, language and browsing preferences, geographic location, exit pages and internet service provider. Gathering all this information from the cookies is a great tool for us to better understand your preferences and target you with a related content or advertisement.
Other major information about cookies that our users should aware of that we usually use two main type of cookies based on their storage duration at our users systems. First one is continual cookies, this type of cookies stays on users browser for more than a year from the time of users last visit to our website. This cookies assist us to memorize users browsing behaviour on successive visits to our site and offer end-users with preferred and relevant article and content of our site when they visit next time.
Second type of cookies is provisional cookies, which is only used during the users visit to our site and it automatically get erased once the user closes its browsing session.

We also would like to make you aware that some of our third party advertisement networks or ad servers may possibly use cookies to trail our web users movements to assess the effectiveness of relevant advertisement content or other related reasons. We want to make our users aware that we have no control or access to those cookies and it is important that users should read the privacy policy of relevant thirty party website to make their self aware of the way cookies will be use by these companies.

We are aware that some of our users may not feel comfortable with cookies. Therefore, they can simply opt out of these cookies by disabling them from the browser settings. More information on how to disable cookies can be found at this useful article from the web source However, disabling the cookies may lose the effective customise feature of our website and we will be unable to offer you personalised suggestions.